History and benefits of the cars tracking devices

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History and benefits of the car tracking devices

Today we all have heard about GPS tracking devices on cars and it became quite a popular and common solution in many cases. The managers are interested in checking the drivers and their behavior while the customers wish to be able to see the current location of their car to be delivered.

But it was not always so easy to implement this type of security system, and here we will disclose the main original variants.

Back in time

Original trackers devices were not so smart and easy to use. Mostly it’s caused by not that much developed technologies. Before 2006 in the USA in most cases only police could afford to use tracking devices, and even in this case it had quite essential limitations. Thus, as the signal was pretty weak, it could be received only within a short distance.

There were two main types of the car tracker devices:

  • The easier version looked like a hard-wired unit which was placed aside the dash inside the car. Here we have one very significant benefit – such a car tracker device can be charged directly from the battery of the vehicle. This solution is pretty easy to implement, but only if we are talking about the necessity to track a car with a visible device. In other words, if you want the driver knows about this device in the car;
  • Otherwise, you need to consider a so-called micro tracking car device. It’s being placed underneath the car and therefore should be compact and light enough. As we know, the smaller the device, the more complicated it is, that is why at the beginning it was quite difficult to make the signal strong enough to be caught by Antenna. Additionally, a micro device has one more important benefit as it allows to monitor several cars at the same time.

Modern car trackers devices are much more sophisticated and can provide the great variety of functions. That is why the spheres of interests are much broader than even 10 years ago. Today you can use it as an individual for private purposes or as a manager of the transportation company to check the possible misconduct of the employees.

Advantages of the equipment

Nowadays we consider any device to track a car in regards to the specific bench of the requirements we have. Regardless the particular purpose of the tracking, you can be interested in the following features of the equipment:

  1. Alert system. You can put specific settings for the alerts as well as the way to receive them. It can be a text email or a notification in the particular mobile application. What concerns the reasons, the main examples can be changing the planned route or an over speed. It will help you to immediately react in case of any emergencies or accidents on the road as well;
  2. Coverage. This is one of the most important features when placing a tracking device in the car. Depending on the particular technologies used it can have broader or narrower coverage, and if you manage an interstate transportation company, it’s important to check this feature. Today 3G devices are becoming more and more popular thanks to a pretty good coverage in the USA;
  3. Emergency button. In case the driver needs to send a SOS-signal, he can easily use an appropriate button on the GPS to send his particular location;
  4. Keeping the history of the tracking. This is very important in case you need to check some details from the previous period of time. Also recording is very useful as an evidence which is will be helpful if there are come violations;
  5. Privacy. The usage of the trackers from reliable and professional producers will provide you with a high level of security. You and only the authorized users will have access to the tracking data which will help to avoid any leak of the information. Especially if your company is dealing with the transportation of expensive and valuable items and materials.

GPS Patrol

Best examples

Now it’s time to consider which particular devices are worth using. Here we will cover the most popular and multifunctional ones, and you can easily make an appropriate choice.

  1. Americaloc GL300W. Of course, the first thing you will see it’s quite a high price, especially among the competitors. But if you are truly interested in getting one of the best on the whole market, you will definitely appreciate this tracking device. Keeping the history of the tracking up to a year, very strong battery for more than a few weeks as well as a great variety of additional settings and different alerts will make it easy and efficient to use in most cases.
  2. Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker is a great tool to monitor the mileage of the drivers, especially if you are managing a big fleet. The data you will get are pretty accurate and can be used not only to control the behavior of your drivers but also to make the tax deductions much easier to count.
  3. Linxup OBD GPS tracker. Looking at this compact equipment it can be hard to believe all the potential it has. According to the name, you can easily connect it to the car’s OBD port so you don’t need to think about where it is better to place it. It has a range of the additional benefits in comparison with more standard competitors, including Google Map access and maintenance alerts. This is a great but affordable tool for any transportation company.
  4. Automatic AUT-450C. This device deserves a little bit more attention as it is fully different from most of other trackers. You will get an unlimited subscription for 5 years (while most other devices can provide only monthly tracking’s fees). In case of any accident on the road it automatically sends an alert to emergency services which is one of the main advantages of this particular tracking system.
  5. Spytec GL300 Mini GPS Tracker is unavoidable in the cases when the driver should not have any idea about the tracker placed in the car. You don’t need to connect it to the OBD port or place it at a specific place (which in most cases is pretty visible). Here you have a chance to hide the tracker anywhere in the car so you will get the most reliable and true information about your drivers’ behavior. The battery will be enough for 2 weeks which is quite a standard lifespan.

There are much more interesting choices you can look through. The main idea when choosing the particular tracking system is to understand your main requirements and to find the equipment which covers all (or at least most) of them. For example, some variants can provide you with a real-time image of your car from the satellites or can be used to train your new employees while you will get alerts about every time they go beyond the limitations.

Small business coaching offers personalized strategies for growth and success. Meanwhile, car tracking devices have evolved significantly, offering real-time location data, theft prevention, and maintenance alerts. Understanding their history and benefits empowers businesses to make informed decisions for efficiency and security.

The price is very various, especially in regards to the different companies. You need to carefully check the reviews to make sure you are going to buy a truly reliable and secure device.

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