List of the reliable auto transporting companies

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List of the reliable auto transporting companies

It’s not obligatory to spend a lot of hours looking through all the variety of the auto transport companies when searching for an appropriate one for your purposes. Every year you can find on the Internet an updated list of the most famous and trustworthy ones and easily choose among them.

Here we will provide you with some basic information you can easily use if you don't have time and wish for a more detailed research.

Sherpa Auto Transport

This is the best way to get the guaranteed price which will not be changed. If you have ever dealt with the transportation brokers – the middlemen between the customers and carriers – most probably you experienced the situation that originally agreed price eventually differed from the final one. To avoid such a frustrating result, you can apply directly to the Sherpa Auto Transport. Maybe its quotas will be slightly higher from the beginning but here you can be assured that they will not be changed at the end. It’s possible because of the special marketing analytical tool the company is using when creating a price.

As an additional bonus, which is especially valuable and important if you choose open transportation, is that you will get a wash service reimbursement.


This website can be compared with service. Instead of visiting each particular hotel’s website, you can find all the offers at one place. The same with UShip – you don’t have to go to every auto transport company’s page to check the price. This marketplace can be considered as a very informative and user-friendly interface where you are able to compare many offers when looking for the best deal. Of course, not every carrier is represented here, but the quantity is more than enough to make a good choice.

Despite the fact that here you can find indeed a very attractive rate, you still will need to pay a fee for the UShip’s service. As a bonus, you will be able to track online your car’s delivery as well as will be able to communicate directly with the carrier in regards to any questions and requests. It makes this website different from various brokers.

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Ship a Car Direct

If you still consider a broker as a useful assistant in looking for the best deal, we recommend Ship a Car Direct. Within the variety of the auto transporter companies you will find a lot of reliable ones and this led to great customer reviews in regards particularly to this broker. Also, you will get a very specific bonus – Damage-Free Guarantee. This is a great advantage as this guarantee will cover any damage the carrier is refusing to pay. The main point here is that it’s your obligation to carefully check the car upon delivery and make notes and photos of every scratches and dents you found. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to prove that the damage was caused during the delivery process.

Here you can also check the rating and the reputation of every auto transport company which will help you to find a really good and reliable one.

Intercity Lines

For those who are interested particularly in an enclosed transportation, this company will provide the best options for quite an adequate price. It works with various types of vehicles so you can be sure that Intercity Lines will do its best to deliver your car whichever size and weight it has.

You should also understand that typically an enclosed transport is about 40-60 percent more expensive than a traditional open one. But here you pay not only for sending your car from point A to point B but also for its protection. That is why such a service is very popular in case of ordering a new car from a seller. Obviously, everybody will want to get a car as new and not covered by dust and stains.

There are some more specialized companies dealing with a particular type of car. For example, Horseless Carriage works only with classic and rare cars and provides the most attentive and tailored service. There are also carriers dealing with motorcycles, bikes, boats, trailers and all the variety of the vehicles you might have. Even if you didn’t find some information on the transportation company’s website, you can always check it with an online consultant.

Choosing the right transporter is very important and you should carefully go through all the details to get the result you are expecting.

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