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Main advantages of the car transport by plane

Transporting a car, especially for a very long distance, can be very stressful for the car’s owner, especially if we are talking about high-value cars. Sports, classic and rare vehicles are not usually just staying in the garage but participate in various auto shows and exhibitions. Even if you would like to take your car to the long vacation to enjoy the ride, most probably you will not want to drive this expensive car for long miles to the place of destination.

In these and many other cases an airplane pilot car transport is a very reliable and popular option. This transportation service has its own, very specific and unique features, which will help you to arrange the smoothest delivery possible.

Main advantages of the car transport by plane

Of course, transporting cars by plane requires quite essential spending of money, but considering all the benefits you and your car will get on the way, in many cases it’s really worth it.

  1. Safety. You can hardly find any safer way of the delivery than a car transport via plane. Even an enclosed truck service cannot provide you with such high-quality transportation. The air freight companies are using the most modern and technologically developed planes. To keep your car safe and firmly fixed during the flight, the carriers use special pallets to place your car on them while using high-quality fabric straps to prevent the car from any unexpected movements during the flight. Meanwhile, such straps are very soft so you should not worry that the surface or any detail of the vehicle can be damaged. Beside the cars themselves, some people are willing to arrange the delivery of their expensive motorcycles by plane – in this particular case the smaller vehicle will be placed inside the specially built wooden crates which are later secured onto the plane. Therefore, whichever vehicle you would like to deliver, the professional air freight companies will provide you with excellent and secure service.
  2. Speed. When you need to transport cars by plane, both across the United States or abroad, you can expect them to be delivered within 1-4 days. It’s extremely short period of time if compared with more standard shipping by trucks and boats. Moreover, the schedule of the flights is much more regular and even flexible when we are talking about transport car on plane and not on the ship. Many expensive cars’ owners prefer not to be separated from their favorites for too long, and this is one more essential reason for the popularity of the plane car transport in the modern world.
  3. Easy logistics. Airplane transport of the car and truck service can be easily combined as you need your car to be delivered from home to the airport and from the airport to the final destination. In most cases you even should not spend your time and effort for such logistics’ arrangement – air freight companies nowadays have quite a wide network of the transportation carriers across the country that can pick your car up and deliver it to the airport (and back) for the most adequate cost.


Air Shipping vs Ocean Shipping

Normally, to transport your car by plane you don’t have to deal with some specific documentation and arrangements. You just will need to provide the air freight company with the copy of your passport, copy of the Original Title and probably some other basic documentation which should already be at hand. All other import/export paperwork will be effectively done for the professional carrier.

What concerns the preparation of the car or another vehicle itself, it’s also pretty easy. You need to make sure that the car is in running condition or at least does not have any essential problems with brakes, rolling and steering wheel. It’s important to double check the car for any leakage issues as when we are talking about plane transportation, it can cause the refusal of loading the car onto the plane for security reasons. The fuel level should be at 1/8, which is different from the basic rule for any other method of the car’s transportation. The batteries are allowed to be switched on only if it's safe, otherwise you need to make sure they (together with the alarm system) are deactivated.

In regards to the personal belongings, if you need to transport them together with the car, it should be discussed in advance with the carrier. Originally, the vehicle should be free from any personal stuff and extra equipment. But you can arrange the separate space for the belongings unless it fits the limit.

The car transport by plane price fully depends on the distance and the weight of the car to be delivered. Luckily, the overwhelming majority of sports and classic cars are pretty light and compact, so you can expect to pay around a couple of thousands of dollars if we are talking about the across-the county delivery. In case of international transportation the price is essentially higher. For example, for the delivery of your valuable car from Los Angeles to Heathrow you can expect to pay around 8,000 dollars which is indeed a very impressive sum of money.

Car’s transportation by plane is a very unique and personalized service which can be highly appreciated by the owners of really expensive and rare cars who cannot afford to take a risk of less reliable but common methods of the delivery.

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