Most efficient ways of the luxury car shipping

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Most efficient ways of the luxury car shipping

There are different types of luxury cars – sports, vintage, rare, exotic and others. And the only common thing among all of them is a high price. In this regard the luxury car transportation has some specific features making the car’s owner be assured it’s done properly and in the most efficient and safe way.

Enclosed transport

Any luxury auto transport company must provide this service. In comparison with the most common open transportation, it helps to cover the car from any natural and road obstacles on its way.

For example, you mostly probably have seen a huge platform filled with dozens of cars in a few tiers. If you consider the long way the transportation normally takes place (from state to state across the country), you may guess how many birds and insects all the cars may face on the way. Additionally, the weather conditions can be truly unpredictable, so the cars will be opened for heavy rains, snowfalls, direct sunlight and others. Finally, there is always a small chance of some road accidents or just sudden rock chips, and this open transportation can cause a huge damage. Especially if we are talking about luxury cars’ transportation.

This all can be avoided in case of an enclosed luxury car transporter. The maximum capacity in this case is just 7 cars, they all are fixed inside and, as there are just a few of them, they get extra care from the driver.

You need to be ready that despite the fact that enclosed delivery itself is already pretty costly (about 40-60 percent additionally to the cost of the normal open transport) some luxury car transporters require an additional fee for dealing with such an expensive vehicle. This service will provide your car maximum protection and exclusive attention to details.

Door-to-door transportation

luxury car transport

When we are talking about luxury car haulers, it’s much more convenient to arrange the car delivery exactly from and where you need. For example, from the auto salon to your door or a garage. In this case the insurance covers all the way and it’s the company’s responsibility to make sure your sports car will be delivered in time and safely.

To compare, there is also terminal-to-terminal service. It can become a bit cheaper way but mostly fits for the ordinary models. Beside the fact that the insurance will start and finish at the transporter’s terminal or ports, it’s quite risky to keep it there until you will be able to pick it up. Nowadays even the 24/7 security system cannot fully protect from vandalism and unscrupulous personnel.

The main thing you always need to keep in mind when arranging door-to-door luxury car transport is that even not so massive enclosed transporters can occur to be too huge for a narrow residential street. In this case no need to order terminal-to-terminal delivery – you can just discuss with the service provider the most convenient way for both of the sides. Sometimes they can even offer separate driving of your car directly to your home for an additional fee.


The transporter’s insurance policy is as important as the services provided. You need to carefully read it through, paying attention to all the cases it covers. Sometimes it may have sense to arrange an additional coverage to make sure your luxury car’s value will be fully protected. You never know what may happen on the way, especially if the delivery will take up to a couple of days.

Choice of the transporter

Besides the way you are planning to deliver your luxury auto transport from point A to point B, you definitely need to take into serious consideration the company you want to trust. It can be both specialized luxury service or just a huge transportation provider with a variety of options.

The main thing you need to do before choosing such a company is not checking out the price – you need to familiarize yourself with its background and reviews. The first one will give you some basic information of the specialization and years of experience of the company, the second will help to make sure its reputation fits the real customer service provided.

It’s also recommended to check all the licenses and documentation so you will be assured that the transporter is allowed to provide such services.

For your convenience in most cases you can make an online calculation of the transportation cost on the website. It’s not the final price and has to be approved, but at least that is how you may compare a few transporters to make the best choice.

Luxury car transportation is an extremely important and serious service. Some car’s cost may be more than of a house. Moreover, for the real collectors the value of the car is even more than just money. Finding and choosing a reliable transporter will help you to get a sufficient service. The only thing you need to remember is to leave your own feedback after the delivery has occurred to help others to make a good (or to avoid to make a bad) choice.

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