Best GPS tracker devices overview

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Overview of the best GPS tracker devices

There are a great variety of reasons why people can be interested in tracking their cars. For example, the car’s owner can be afraid of it being stolen. Or in case he hires a driver to deliver it from point A to point B it can be essential to have real-time access to the car’s location. Also, it will provide the information about the routes so it will be much easier to find out any cheat.

Professional transportation companies are also interested in getting access to this kind of information. Managers can easily react and find the solution in case of any unexpected issues even if they are thousands of miles far away.

Nowadays tracking GPS devices are the great opportunity to fulfill all the requirements above and are popular both among the individuals and carriers.

Top 9 track GPS devices

  1. Zubie GL500C12M Teen Driver GPS Tracker is a very useful tool. First of all, for the beginners in driving. Parents can place this tracking a GPS device inside the car and have access not only to the routes and driving manner of the teenager, but also to check any suspicious conditions of the car. As we know, only experienced drivers are able to realize the problem and its reason in advance while for the new driver it can be pretty difficult until it’s too late. This device of GPS tracking can also be practical for the transportation companies in case of new employees. It will be much easier and efficient to use this tracking system than to arrange a regular check by another driver who will have to follow the same route which can lead to unnecessary labor costs.
  2. MOTOsafety GPS tracking device can be considered as similar to the previous one but here the main emphasis is made on learning and not on the controlling by the third part. Every new driver will find it very useful as it provides a better understanding of how the car works. Also, you will get reports which will help to understand all the failures and to learn from the mistakes that have been made. The price of this GPS device tracker is pretty affordable and every new driver should think of such an important purchase.
  3. Brickhouse Security Trackport is considered to be more professional equipment but also can be successfully used by individuals. Getting this type of GPS with the tracking device will let you have an image of your car at its particular real-time location with help of satellites. It can be very essential in case you need to evaluate the situation and find a new route or to make some other arrangements. Moreover, this equipment has a variety of useful additional features that the driver himself can use. For example, in some cases, a panic button can be very important as the driver may not be able to make a decision in a very stressful or dangerous situation.
  4. Spytec GL300 Mini GPS Tracker is irreplaceable if you as a transportation company’s manager need to check the driving behavior and any cases of misconducting of your employees (especially it’s important in case of new drivers or those who showed suspicious behavior). Here you don’t need to put the tracking GPS device onto some specific place (like an OBD port, for example). This means you can easily hide the tracking equipment anywhere in the car to make sure the driver will not find it. One more important feature in this case is that the battery will work for two weeks which is more than enough even in case of long-distance trips, even international deliveries.
  5. Automatic AUT-450C is one of the best examples of the GPS devices for tracking in a long perspective. Normally, you will have a monthly-basis fee for using this type of equipment but in this case, we are talking about the subscription for 5 years. As we know, the longer the period, the better the monthly price, so this option can be especially interesting for the professional carriers. Special scanned implemented into this mechanism will make it possible to send the alert to special services in case of a crash or an accident.
  6. Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker in comparison with other variants on the list has more specialized features. Here GPS with tracking devices will help you, first of all, to check the mileage of your drivers. Of course, you can do it by yourself, but if you need really accurate data and have quite a huge fleet, this equipment will not only make all the most routine work but also will help to make sure that all the taxes claims are done correctly.
  7. Linxup GPS tracker is very compact and looks pretty simple among other tracking devices with GPS but it doesn’t affect its productivity. All you need you can find here, including text and email alerts and access to Google Map to make the monitoring process more efficient.
  8. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle works together with a special mobile application which makes it one of the most convenient equipment in the row. You don’t need to check the emails all the time for getting updates about the alerts or other essential information – you will always have the data at hand with your mobile phone. One more significant benefit of this particular device is that you can easily hide it from the driver thanks to a twin-magnet case which is already included into the package. This is a really useful tool if you want to be able to track a GPS device without the driver knowing about this.
  9. Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable GPS Tracker has a very interesting distinguishing feature – it keeps the records for up to one year. There are a lot of cases when you might need to check the previous weeks and months. For example, if you found out a cheating behavior of a particular driver you can check all his previous routes to make sure if it has been done on a regular basis. To make it happen, you are provided with a possibility to hide the tracker in the car or the truck in special cases, like in the previous example. The battery here can cover a couple of weeks so you can charge it at your convenience after the trips. The price of this device is pretty high, but if you wish to get the best equipment it can be a very good choice.


Of course, every day we can find more and more new devices for this particular purpose. But you need to look not only on the price and some particular features but also on the producer itself. With saving just 10-20 dollars you can buy a fully worthless tracking system which can even become a dangerous tool if the data it shows are incorrect. That is why it’s always highly recommended to check the reviews of the previous customers as well as the specialists’ opinions.

Here, in this list, we introduced just a few of the tracker devices but they are truly reliable and trustworthy. You just need to carefully consider if one of them is fitting your particular requirements and desires.

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