Successful transportation of your cars

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Successful transportation of your auto

Despite the fact that when you are hiring auto transporters, they usually take care about all the details of the process, you still need to be prepared. Here we will cover the main steps and will give you some tips in regards to the arrangement.

What you need to do

Sometimes you may require the transporting of an auto from the salon, and in this case of course you can’t do anything in advance. Maybe, only provide the carrier with some documents it may request, especially in case of the interstate delivery. Here we will cover the situations when you are sending your car from your home to another place, for example, in case of moving to a new house.

These steps are not difficult but very important and will make the whole process much faster, safer and more efficient.

  1. Firstly, you need to make sure that there are no personal belongings in the car. It’s necessary not only for a security purpose, but also to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Every company has its limitation in regards to the car’s weight, but even if your car fits the requirement, the carrier most probably will require you to avoid any additional kilos. Beside personal belongings you will also need to take out any extra equipment not necessary for the driving purposes. Here we should underline that this requirement is basic but you may always agree with some extra conditions. For example, some carriers are ready to transport pets inside the car in case you have a high request for it.
  2. Washing. This is a must, and not only for the esthetical purposes. The deal is that before the transporting of autos the driver will need to make pictures of the car’s condition. This will help in case of some arguments upon delivery and the insurance coverage. Usually, the car’s owners are also doing such pictures before and after service. In regards to the after-service washing, some carriers even provide a complimentary cleaning service upon arrival to be sure that there are no new scratches and dents.
  3. You need to check the moving capabilities of the car. Thus. If there are any serious problems with brakes, the auto transportation company will require additional payment for this as it will need some extra equipment to load your vehicle on the truck. The carrier must be informed about any malfunctions your car has even if they don’t have direct influence on the car’s delivery.
  4. The fuel quantity should be not more than a quarter. It will be enough for loading the car on the truck. The reason for such a limitation is not only about the weight of the car, but also about the safety as it’s considered to be a hazardous material.

Sometimes you may face any additional requirements of the carrier which are mentioned and underlined in the contract. What concerns the documentation, as it was mentioned above, normally you need to provide any only in case of the across the country transportation.

What you need to know

Before choosing the auto transport company, first of all you need to check the reviews. There is nothing more reliable and trustworthy than the feedback from the people like you who applied for the service you are going to apply. Nowadays it’s very easy to get access to such kind of information and you can find it both on the official company’s website and on special resources. It’s important to read not one or two reviews but at least five – as we know it can be quite difficult to stay objective while giving assessment about some services. Moreover, not every auto transports company is fair enough and can initiate some unreal reviews.

car transporter

If you have any relatives or friends who have already used the transportation company, you should better check with them – personal recommendations in this case are very useful.

Among the most popular carriers for the American car’s owners we can mention Sherpa Auto Transport, Bargain Auto Transport, Montway Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship, AmeriFreight, Direct Express Auto Transport and others. They differ by quotas, availability, discounts, special services but all of them provide great customer support and can take care of any car. To get more information you can easily visit a particular website of the carrier.

Beside the particular carrier you will also need to choose the way your car to be delivered. There are an open and an enclosed transport, door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery, normal or expedited service and many other features you are able to choose from. Insurance is also one of the most important parts of the deal and, depending on your car’s value, you may need to arrange additional insurance coverage (especially in case of the exotic and sport cars).

Afterwards it’s highly recommended not to forget to leave your personal, fair and objective review of the service so the whole market and industry will be filled by the reliable and professional transportation companies.

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