Best sale of the used car

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The best sale of the used car

From time to time almost every car’s owner faces a necessity of providing the used car to sale. It can be caused by a variety of reasons starting from the wish to buy another one and ending with the financial issues. Whichever reason you have, it’s always crucial to make the best possible deal in the shortest period of time. Here are some tips as well as the information about the most popular cars for sell previously used.

Creating the price

If you are dealing with using cars for sale for the first time, it can be quite challenging to choose an appropriate price depending on your particular car’s condition. And the best and the most reliable idea here is to ask for a professional evaluation. In case you are not willing to pay for a professional service, you can just follow the steps below. But before it you need to take into consideration that the real value of the car and the price you are setting should not be equal, especially at the beginning of providing for sales the cars used. It is almost always a bargain process taking place on such online platforms. And in case you are placing your advertisement already with the final price you are planning to get, most probably you will be forced to lower it.

  1. Check the market. There can be high and low demand depending on the economical situation. For example, it’s not surprising that during Covid-19 pandemic people cannot afford to spend a lot of money on the new car and if they are willing to buy they will most probably look on sale for used cars. There also can be differences in popularity of some particular makes and models. For example, collector cars are not so easy to sell, especially in comparison with family sedans and SUVs.
  2. Understanding the value. A company or website that sells cars used normally has some kind of calculator or appraisal tool to evaluate an approximate price of the particular vehicle. Of course, there are a great variety of the additional factors influencing the price but here at least you will be able to have some basic information. For example, knowing such an appraisal cost you can adjust it accordingly in case your car has some visible defects or, vice versa, some improvements of the condition.
  3. You can check the similar offers on different online platforms. And even if you cannot find exactly your auto among the row, there are always some similar models with a similar mileage. Here again you need to remember that these prices are not the value. Maybe the seller just has placed the advertisement and sells used cars for the first time not knowing the real demand and supply balance.
  4. Choosing the price. Despite the fact that it looks quite simple and if your car value is, for example, 13,000 USD and you want to start with 15,000 USD price there are some tips to make the deal happen with more probability. For example, it’s not occasional that many famous brands and shopping centers put such weird prices as 9,999 USD. There are a couple of reasons to do so. Firstly, from the buyer perspective it is somehow much more attractive to see the price of 9,000 USD than of 10,000 USD even if in fact the difference is only one dollar. Secondly, your option will be shown in more ranges: some people are used to placing limitations of 10,000 USD, for example, and if your price is one dollar below you will definitely be included in the result list. Therefore, instead of placing the desired price of 15,000 USD it’s much better and more efficient to change it to 14,999 USD. Another advice is not overestimating your car’s value. Not every person likes to bargain for weeks to get the desirable price and you can easily lose a lot of potential buyers just with a too high basic price.
  5. Monitoring the process. Website for the used car only sells but cannot give you any advice. Here you need to use your knowledge and even most probably intuition to understand when you need to cut the price. For example, if you already got a couple of offers but they were canceled with some not connected to you reasons that means that your advertisement is quite attractive for the buyers and you can wait for a little bit longer to catch an appropriate buyer. On the other hand, if during a couple of weeks, you didn’t receive any reply and cannot afford to wait for months to sell a car for used, it makes sense to slightly lower the price and check the changes in the demand.

Market situation

To get a better understanding of the balance between the car’s value and the price, here we gathered some information about the most common deals nowadays.

best way to sell a used car

Normally, the minimal limitation for the price of the used cars is “less than 10,000 USD”. In this range you can easily meet such offers as Mazda Mazda2, Dodge Caliber, Smart Fortwo, Scion XD and Chevrolet Cobalt. These five models are considered to be the cheapest in the industry so if you are willing to sell one of them you need to place quite an adequate price. Otherwise, your offer will be lost among a great variety of others.

Beside the price ranging you can also meet the buyers’ segmentation. For example, for teens who in most cases cannot afford to buy a very expensive car the list of the most popular models includes Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and some others with an average price of 20,000 USD and less.

And, of course, you should always take into consideration that the price can be significantly affected by the year of the model as well as its mileage. Only considering all the factors together you will be able to find the best price – both profitable for you and attractive for the potential buyers.

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