Choosing a right cars’ shipping company

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Choosing a right cars’ shipping company

Once a time it can become crucial to find an appropriate shipping company for your car. Especially if you have quite remote locations for the delivery. Here we will cover a Top 5 transporters among which you will most probably find the one that fits you. Otherwise, there are much more shipping cars companies – you just need to carefully go through the reviews and reputation it has.

Easy Auto Ship

It’s considered as one of the most famous car shipping companies in the USA. Among the most interesting and attractive features we would mention the following:

  • Variety of services. Whatever you are looking for, you will most probably find it here. Open and enclosed transport, delivery to various locations across the country, including Hawaii and Alaska. Here we should underline that far not every company is ready to provide a delivery to such remote states so you always need to check it before making arrangements;
  • Flexibility. This company is pretty new on the market and therefore is trying to attract more customers with the most personalized and tailored service. For example, it will allow you to add an additional hundred of pounds of weight inside your car. It’s very convenient if you are looking for a car shipping company to move to another state;
  • Guarantee. If you check any of the recent reviews of Easy Auto Ship, you will make sure that it provides excellent service. Considering the complexity of the whole process it’s very essential that the carrier guarantees the pick-up date. In case you would like to make the process faster, it’s always possible to apply for an expedited delivery – of course, it will cost you more but can become a significant priority, especially if you got used to drive a car on a daily basis for work;
  • Pricing. Here you will find not only lower than average quotas but also a variety of additional discounts (military, students and others). The policy of the carrier allows not to leave any deposit until the shipping is scheduled which is very convenient in case of any unexpected consequences.

Montway Auto Transport

When talking about this particular shipping car company, the first thing to underline is its uniqueness. Regardless of the type of vehicle you need to deliver (starting from the classic and sports cars and ending with motorbikes and even boats), you can arrange it with Montway Auto Transport.

Considering that the payment process occurs directly upon delivery, there is a small tip which will help you to cut the price – if you pay cash, you will get some discount. Additional benefits are waiting for those who are considered to be a return customer which is very useful in case of a big family with quite usual necessity to deliver a car. For example, if you are moving for a vacation to visit your family members in another state.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the quotas on the website of this shipping company for cars are pretty changeable so you need better to make a deal as soon as you see an attractive quota.


Considering the variety of the cars shipping companies, here you will most probably find one of the cheapest and competitive prices.

Insurance policy of this carrier is pretty unique and you can apply for an additional AF Total Insurance which will cover much more cases. Of course, any accidents during a car shipment are not very common, but it’s always better to have enough coverage, especially in case of a valuable vehicle. On the other hand, such insurance is not obligatory and you also may choose a standard one.

As usually, on the car shipping company’s website you will find a special online calculator which will provide you with basic information in regards to the quota for your car and particular destinations. But to get the final one you will need to contact the representative. Here we should mention that in case of AmeriFreight company you will be required to leave a deposit in advance.

auto transport truck

Golden Key Express

It’s a very interesting example among the shipping companies for cars, and firstly because it’s a family-run business. This fact makes the services provided more personalized, with attention to every detail.

Of course, some disadvantages are also caused by it. For example, the fleet of the carrier is quite limited and you may wait for a little bit longer to have your car delivered. Also, the price can be slightly higher than traditional transportation companies.

In most cases this carrier is chosen by the rare and expensive cars’ owners who wish to pay more but to get better and tailored services. All the details will be discussed directly with the company representative which will help to avoid any misunderstanding. Such an exclusive service will leave only a positive effect and will be less stressful.


Here we are talking about the whole online marketplace with a great variety of different carriers across the country. This is the best choice if you would like to compare offers and pricing of various haulers to make sure you are getting the best deal.

There is a very useful tool on the website you can use – reviews and service history. You can check any particular company in regards to the quality of the service and all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned by previous customers. You just need to check at least several of them to get a more objective image of the carrier.

You also should remember that U-Ship on its own it’s just a marketplace and any deal or contract you will get will be directly with the transportation company. That is why there is no standard contract and it differs between shipping car companies. You need to be careful with all the details, especially in regards to the delivery period and insurance policy of the carrier.

As an additional bonus, when using U-Ship for your research you will also get a complimentary 500 USD damage or loss coverage which can be used in case of any small issues. It’s always possible, especially if we are talking about across-the-country delivery with an open transporter.

There are some additional factors which may significantly influence the final cost. For example, if the destination is very remote from the main routes, it makes sense to apply for the terminal-to-terminal delivery or even to discuss with the carrier possibility to drop off and pick up the car on the way. It can save you quite an essential sum.

Seasonality is also important. If you are able to wait until winter, the delivery will cost you about 200-300 USD less than in the high season of the summertime.

It’s always recommended to check with the carrier all the possible ways to cut the price. You may not even know that, for example, the next week after your requested date will be much cheaper for you.

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