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Types of the car transport trailers for sale

If you are looking for convenient and efficient car trailers transporters for sale, you need to pay attention to their variety. Depending on the particular purposes you have, you may need different types of transporters for your car or other vehicle.

Here we will consider the most popular types but you can meet a lot of variations besides them.

Types of the car transport trailers for sale

  1. Single Car Trailer is a great option for those who are looking for the opportunity to deliver his own vehicle only. If you check this kind of car trailer transporters for sale, you will see a great variety of sides and other important parameters which you need to carefully consider before making a deal. Thus, the length of the trailer can be either 17 feet or 25 feet. There are also some specific features for this king of truck that can be added: swing up jack, dovetail with a loading ramps option, beveled front corners and many others. If it’s your first purchase, you should better discuss with the seller the specific advantages of any of such bonuses. There are even some full packages you can add to the trailer, for example, a cost-effective one. Therefore, such purchases can become a very valuable and profitable investment.
  2. Two Car Trailers, according to its name, will provide you with more space for transporting 2 standard passenger’s cars. Despite this bigger side, it’s very easily attached to the pickup and can even be adjusted by a gooseneck hitch.
  3. Tilt Car Transporter Trailer for sale can be considered as a deluxe version. You will be provided by the choice of the floor – wooden or diamond. Also, there are different versions of the gross vehicle weight rating (or GVWR) starting from 7,000 pounds and ending with 15,000 pounds. In this special configuration you will have a very comfortable angle for loading the car onto the trailer which will allow you to handle the process even for those who have never dealt with transporters of this type.
  4. Gooseneck Car Trailer to transport cars for sale fits for two- or three-cars transportation. The construction is very light but at the same time durable. The dovetail of 11’ will allow you to haul the vans and other massive vehicles with no problems for fender clearance.
  5. Wedge Trailer Car transporter for sale can be more familiar for most car’s owners as it has been used in the industry for almost 30 years. Of course, modern models have some essential improvements and adjustments which make them competitive in the changing world and within new technologies. Today you will get a much lighter, computerized and stronger transporter which will fit any needs of the buyer.
  6. Double Deck car trailer is a great option for the professional transportation companies but also can be used for individual purposes. There are different variations. The most popular and common are 4-, 5- and 6-car haulers. Of course, such constructions have specific requirements for the vehicle which will tow them. For the first two versions it should be a fully equipped pickup while for the 6-car double deck transporter you will need an axle fifth road tractor.

Besides these main types, there are some more specific car transporters. For example, you may be interested in golf car trailers – a transporter for 10-12 golf cars providing the safest and easiest way of their delivery.

You can also find distinguishing race car transport trailers for sale which have lighter and smaller construction but provide you with the most secure and effective way of transportation. For this purpose, the best possible option will be purchasing an enclosed trailer which will provide your valuable and expensive cars with maximum protection from all the external conditions.

Open Car Trailers

How to choose the correct variant?

As we have already mentioned, you always can discuss the options with the seller or the company’s representative.

Here are just the main questions you need to ask yourself before considering any particular variant:

  • The number of the cars. You need to look into perspective as it’s not a very convenient and cost-effective way to buy and sell the trailers from time to time. Beside that, you need to make sure the truck or other vehicle you have will be able (and allowed) to transport the trailer of an appropriate weight and size;
  • Types of the cars you are planning to transport. As we can see, transporting standard sedans or classic cars may have significant differences so you need to explain if to the seller. Also, it may require you to purchase some additional equipment for the protection or loading process;
  • If you are willing to buy a new or a used transporter. In both cases you will need to carefully check the documentation for the trailer while in case of the used car transporter you need to make sure it’s in good conditions.

One of the most famous in the United States company which provides car transporters for sale is Kaufman Trailers. You will get a great variety of options for an attractive price as there are no dealers or other middlemen between you and the producer. Therefore, you can also expect a high level of quality, customer support and a good guarantee. More than 30 years of the experience and a great number of positive reviews from satisfied customers all over the country (and even abroad) is a good reason to pay attention to this producer. As an additional bonus, considering how many offices and factories this company has, it’s not surprising that you can order a delivery to any part of the USA, and it will be delivered in a timely manner.

You can always improve and develop the trailer you already possess. For this purpose, you can apply for the new equipment which you can buy in various specialized online or offline shops.

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