Most reliable car transport company

Most reliable car transporters company

When you need to transport a car from state to state or to another country, thousands of questions rummage through your head, and you don't even know where to start. However, one thing is clear - you need to find reliable car transport. We have carried out some research and decided to share useful information with you in order to simplify the process and to help you find a good deal.

What is car shipping?

Car shipping, or car transportation, is the process of moving a vehicle from point A to point B. As a rule, you need to ship a car when you change your location, but this is not the only reason. For example, there are people who need to have their newly bought car delivered from another state, or those who want to send a car to their children who study at college, or even those who want to participate in a car show and want to have their classic or antique vehicle safely transported to the site.

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to move a vehicle - starting from driving it yourself and up to working with a professional driver. However, hiring car reliable services transport is the most cost-efficient and convenient option. The shipping company will do everything instead of you, and you will have your car delivered without any troubles and mess. The only thing you need to do is to find the most reliable car transport company.

What types of shipping do reliable car transporters use?  

In order to find a reliable car transport service, you first need to know what types of shipping the companies offer.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you are free to choose between open and enclosed shipping. Let’s go into details and see what their peculiarities are.

Open auto transport

This is the most widespread shipping method used by reliable carriers car transport. You've probably seen those large trailers that transport new cars. They can be single-level and multi-level, with the possibility to accommodate up to 8-10 cars. A distinctive feature of this type of transportation is that the car is uncovered during transportation. This means that it is disclosed to nature, road debris, and weather conditions. Thus, the risk of damage is higher than in case of any enclosed trailer. Nevertheless, open auto transport is one of the most affordable and demanded ways to ship a car, more than 90% of cars in the USA are transported on these types of trailers. 

Enclosed auto transport

If you need to transport a luxury car or any valuable vehicle, you’d better choose reliable exotic car transport, which is totally enclosed. This means that the automobile is covered from all the sides, and it is 100% protected from outer elements. Thus, the risk of unintended damage is minimal. The only downside of this shipping method is its price, which is rather high in comparison with disclosed shipping - about 40-60% higher. That is why, mostly people who need to move high-value vehicles choose it for their peace of mind. It’s necessary to mention that in case of reliable exotic car transport you will get more comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Do reliable car transport services cost much? 

One thing you should bear in mind when looking for the most reliable car transport, is that high-quality services don’t cost cheap. If you want to have your vehicle delivered without a hitch, you should be ready to pay for it. This doesn’t mean that all shipping quotes offered by reliable car transporters are expensive, but still don’t try to save on safety and quality.

Generally, quotes from most reliable car transporters can vary a bit, depending on your current and final locations, your vehicle’s dimensions and weight, type of delivery, distance, shipping period and even season. We recommend you to request quotes from at least 3-5 reliable car transporters, in order to be able to analyze the existing shipping rates and tendencies. Ask the shipper what exactly their quote includes to make sure that there are no hidden fees.

NB! Never make any deposit payments until you arrange the pickup date and get the carrier. Reputable companies offering reliable car transport never ask for advance payments!

How to choose the most reliable car transport company?       

car transportFinding reliable car transport service isn’t an easy task. You will have to stock up on time and patience, but believe us, it's worth it.

First, you should remember that you are looking for reliable car transport services and not for the cheapest car transport services. So try to choose the shipper and not the price.

Secondly, pay special attention to the type of insurance offered. All shippers have standard insurance, but it may be insufficient for you, especially when looking for reliable exotic car transport. So don’t save on additional insurance when you feel that your vehicle requires extra-protection.

And finally, plan your vehicle shipping as much in advance as possible. This will help you arrange timely delivery and save money and nerves.  

Top-3 car reliable services transport 

We have selected three most reliable car transporters based on their ratings, reviews, and experience.

AmeriFreight is one of the largest transport companies which ships cars across the USA. It has a wide range of reliable carriers all around the country and a good selection of discounts for different categories of citizens.

CDLScan is famous for its Price Lock Policy, which means that you won't pay a higher price than the shipping quote you receive.
CDLScan also can help you move your furniture for offices fast and inexpensively. 

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that what is the most reliable carriers car transport for one person isn’t necessarily “the best” option for another. So when choosing the one and only shipper to trust your car, be guided by your preferences and needs and don’t forget to google reliable car transport reviews. Bear in mind that your aim is to timely accept the car exactly in the same condition that you left it.  

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